Use your network to turn out the voters you know best.

Only you can get out these votes

Stratos connects you with a personalized list of potential voters you know well, who'll listen to you.

Break through the noise

Your friends are tired of Facebook ads and anonymous mass texts– but they'll listen to you.

See your impact

See which parts of your social network have committed to vote– and who needs some encouragement.

Fight fake news

Many non-voters don't know what news to trust. It's time to listen to each other, not our newsfeeds.

How it works

Mobilize your contacts from our website in minutes. We won't make you download another app.

Import connections

Sign in with Google to connect your address book to Stratos.

Stratos does not sell or share personal information with third parties.

Voter matching

Stratos matches your contacts to our national voter database.

Social organizing

Stratos combines your unique social network with our voter data to recommend the most impactful outreach opportunities among your friends.

Get started now!

Stratos is free for volunteers. Join our national voter turnout drive!