Our Values

Stratos supports progressive candidates and causes through civic engagement, community building, and ethical data use.

Civic engagement

Infrequent voters receive less attention from campaigns, so they vote less, so they do not hear from future campaigns.

Stratos seeks to break this cycle by engaging infrequent and non-voters through their voting friends.

Community building

Though the internet does much to bring people together, disinformation, microtargeted ads, and foreign interference have divided Americans against each other.

Stratos seeks to use technology to reveal and strengthen our connections to each other, and encourage genuine conversations outside our newsfeeds.

Data ethics

When volunteers share their contact information with Stratos, we reciprocate with our data to help them better understand their own social networks.

Stratos aims for transparency in what data we collect and share, and offers easy ways for users to delete their data from Stratos at any time.

Stratos supports causes and candidates who...

• Let science inform their actions on climate change, public health, and the environment.

• Embrace diversity and create opportunities for people of all races, genders, classes, and origins.

• Expand access to quality healthcare and education.

• Recognize the opportunity and need for international cooperation beyond "America First".

Stratos supports candidates from the Democratic Party and aligned progressive causes.

We do not work with the Republican Party or its candidates.