Stratos combines social network analysis with voter data to identify and turnout voters traditional models miss.

Expand your voter universe

Stratos finds hidden connections in your voter file to improve relational outreach and target digital ads.

No Voter Left Behind

Identify and turnout unregistered and occasional voters with close ties to your supporters.

Everyone's an Influencer

Assign supporters to contact the specific voters they have the most influence with.

Integrate Digital Ads

Follow up relational outreach with individually targeted online ads to boost GOTV and donor conversion rates

API Integration

Track volunteer actions and access targeting recommendations on your outreach platform of choice.

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How it works

Mobilize supporters through Stratos' in-browser app. No download required.

Import connections

Volunteers import their Gmail contacts through Stratos' website.

Identity resolution

Stratos matches volunteers' contacts to individuals in the campaign's voter file.

Relational targeting

Stratos analyzes volunteers' social connections and demographic data to recommend the most impactful outreach opportunities among their contacts.

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